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ReSOLT, August 19 2022

Top Five Best French Institute In Andheri Mumbai

If you want to learn French in Mumbai but don't know where to start or who to contact. I will assist you in this by providing a list of the best 5 best French institute in Andheri Mumbai.

Mumbai is the most popular city where thousands of students come to pursue their dreams. Basically, humanities, sciences, and foreign languages are some of the domains that students choose to study in Mumbai.

French is the first language in many places across the world, including France, Haiti, Monaco, parts of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and the United States (especially in the New England and Louisiana regions).

Top five best French institute in Andheri Mumbai


ReSOLT (Republic School of Languages and Training) is the most well-known brand in the field of learning foreign languages. The institute's innovative learning processes, which include one-on-one live sessions, cutting-edge study materials, group discussion, mock tests, and more, are valued by thousands of students and professionals making it the best French institute in Mumbai.

Language learning is made fun and easy by the team of highly qualified specialists and native speakers at ReSOLT. With the aid of qualified teachers, every person develops the ability to read a set of symbols or recognize a set of important sounds. By taking part in engaging class activities and group discussions with ReSOLT on a variety of topics, you may increase your confidence and fluency in the French language.

As the best French institute in Andheri, Mumbai, the institute offers advanced French courses or online or offline French classes to people of all ages.

2. French At Alliance Francaise De Bombay

The Alliance Francaise is a nonprofit educational institution with a focus on culture. Since 1883, thousands of students from various nations and backgrounds have been introduced to French culture and language thanks to the global network. There are 15 Alliances Françaises in India alone, located in all major cities.

The Alliance franchise's main goal is to teach French because proficiency in the language is crucial for understanding French culture. It serves as a focal point for promoting social and cultural events in French.

3. Second Language Tongue Institute

Being a native of Mumbai, the institute's founder understood the value of language and how focusing on a foreign language may further one's career. Second Language Tongue Institute was founded as a result of a life-changing decision that began as instructing a few juniors.

This Institute has trained more than 5000 students to date, and online learning has only helped to quickly enhance that number. The following 13 global languages are covered by the 45 courses that Second Language Tongue Institute offers French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Sanskrit, Portuguese, and Turkish.

4. Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages

One of the major institutions that provide courses to learn foreign dialects with an open methodology is Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages. The main goal of Cosmolingua Institute, which provides classes for students to study foreign languages, is to assist the students in using the educational resources and subsequently ad-lib their unknown language skills.

This institute offering French language courses in Mumbai is equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual source availability and makes use of a number of cutting-edge capabilities for the advantage of language learners. The students' free access to the internet also helps them to easily access all of the educational hotspots for knowledge advancement.

5. Cambridge Institute

The Cambridge Institute is a specialized school for learning foreign languages that provides reading, writing, and speaking classes. Since it has been in the education business for more than 13 years, Cambridge Institute now provides six different custom-created foreign language courses, including French courses in Mumbai.

The academy has also held a "Global Education Excellence Award" ceremony. The Cambridge Institute assists students in becoming more familiar with several facets of the French language. Their particularly crafted courses assist the students in getting ready for the DELF tests, which are required to receive the official French language diploma from the French Ministry.

Well, learning a foreign language has become easier as there are plenty of sources you can choose to learn. Learning with a tutor can never be out of trend. So attend French language classes in Mumbai to make yourself fluent in French.

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