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ReSOLT, December 6 2022

Reasons To Start Learning Korean Language In 2023

Korean is the most popular language which is gaining huge attention from the people these days. As there are many facts that make it popular among the people. In North and South Korea alone, the Korean language has approximately 75 million native speakers, and its stature as a language of importance is constantly rising. There are more than three million Korean speakers dispersed throughout all continents, albeit the majority live on the Korean Peninsula and its nearby islands. Today, learning a second language is seen as a huge advantage everywhere.

If you started learning Korean today, you'd realize very quickly that there's more to it than just the basics—you have to learn pronunciation peculiarities, grammar, and several dialects. However, if you only know a few words and pronounce them with the peculiar Korean accents that go along with them, a native speaker won't have any trouble understanding you. It is a little easier to learn the Korean script, or Hangeul, than the language itself.

Whether you learn Korean for fun, your career, or even simply for personal travel, it is beneficial. But if you're serious about studying Korean, you shouldn't have any trouble comprehending its importance.

There are many reasons to learn Korean. Here we will discuss the top reasons to learn the Korean language in India.

1. Korea Is A Popular Country

The popularity of a language around the world is frequently determined by how well-developed its native nation is on the global stage. Because of this, Japanese, German, and Korean are all very popular languages.

Korea now maintains strong trade ties, investments, and international contacts with major countries. Currently, six million people speak Korean in the USA, China, and Japan. These three countries are Korea's top three trading partners.

2. Korean is Easy To Learn

The Korean alphabet is based on the sounds of the language, as we have already covered extensively. Korean is comparatively simple to pronounce thanks to the phonetic letters. Each and every syllable is yelled aloud. Consider how much more difficult learning Korean is compared to learning other languages.

There are no harsh noises in Korean, in contrast to Arabic or Hebrew. Additionally, unlike Georgian or Polish, there are no consonant clusters. Most crucially, unlike other East Asian dialects, Korean is not a musical language. This makes it much easier to communicate in Korean.

If you want to study Korean, we advise you to enroll in the top Korean institute in Mumbai and take Korean classes in Mumbai or Korean courses in Mumbai to learn basic and advanced Korean.

3. Explore Popular Korean Culture

It's possible that your obsession with Korean television, film, or K-pop artists like PSY, Girls Generation, and Big Bang led you to develop an interest in Korean culture. Even while the majority of viewers and fans are content to use subtitles or online translation, learning the Korean language can help you have a deeper and more thorough understanding of Korean music and shows. Learning Korean is easier than it looks to be! By studying Hangul, the Korean script, you can learn the essentials. With some effort and practice, you'll soon be able to understand the words, phrases, and even cultural allusions used in Korean songs, TV plots, and interviews with your favorite Korean stars.

4. You can Work In Korean-speaking Countries

Who hasn't heard of powerful companies like Hyundai, LG, and Samsung? Some Korean multinational corporations with subsidiaries can be found all over the world. The bulk of them are also expanding steadily, including LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics, POSCO, Hanwha, Kia, and Lotte.

Your chances of finding work will improve, and you'll have access to these multinational corporations in Korea and other nations. Thus, studying Korean can provide you a slight advantage if you're thinking about working for a Korean company.

Perhaps it won't be the most crucial factor in getting employers to hire you. This is because academic credentials, experience, and personality are much more significant factors than skill in Korean.

5. Make Your Trip Easy And Memorable

South Korea is a beautiful country with a rich local culture that may be explored. It also has a rich history. Furthermore, South Korea is considered to be among the "friendliest" and "welcoming" countries.

Similar to Japanese culture, South Korea has one of the most polite cultures in the world. You want to visit Korea once in your lifetime to see its beauty and wealth.

There are countless possibilities for places to visit as a visitor, from picturesque landscapes, quaint towns, mediaeval temples, and ethereal parks to modern Seoul, warm beaches in Busan, stunning mountains in Jeju-do, and the historical museum of Gyeongbokgung palace.

If you speak Korean, moving throughout Korea can be made straightforward. For this reason, learning Korean is a requirement if you want to travel to South Korea.

So, learn Korean in Mumbai today from the best tutors. You can attend Korean language classes in Mumbai to get a good exposure. Also, you can consider Korean language courses in Mumbai for self-paced learning.

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